DECEMBER 9, 2022

Thailand to ease visitor entry : what are the new rules?

Thailand to ease visitor  entry :  what are the new  rules?

 Thailand, one of the top tourist destination for Indians, father eased norms for international arrival starting July 1, the country is doing away with its requirement of Thailand pass registration scam and mandatory $10,000  health insurance for foreign visitors. 

 what were the old that are being removed?

                      International visitor receiving into Thailand are currently required to register online for a Thailand pass with a certificate of government 19 vaccination and health insurance policy this rules are being done away with according to a statement by the tourism authorities of Thailand from July 1st foreign national are only required to so proof of either a certificate of vaccination or negative RT- PCR of professional ATK( antigen test) test rules with in 72 hour of travel this can be in a print of digital format .


what are some of the Other requirement for entering Thailand?

        Upon arrival, random checks will be made at Thailand international airports are land board or check pointer unveg senated or partially vaccinated Traveller. who a random check and who are unable to show proof of a free arrival negative test, will be required to undergo  profesional ATK test at the point of entry.

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