DECEMBER 9, 2022

Place where dead body lives together with alive people.

Place where dead body lives together with alive people.

In the world, there are many places where kinda weird rituals happen. Today I am going to tell you about that story where people live with their dead ones, those who belong from their families. 

          In the forest of Indonesia, there is a place name South Sulawesi, where a big tribe is found. I mean nomad types of people. This tribe is also called Torajans. Their population is around 1 lakh 65 thousand.

          As we know that Hindus, Muslims, and Christians buried their body within a day according to their faith. But here people neither burn nor bury their bodies. They keep their dead body inside their house in a shell or coffin bier. That too not a few days but many months and years. 

          Here are some questions that are arising in people's minds why do people's bodies not decay or be destroyed? When do we live alive then inside our body which bacteria is found, protect us from different types of diseases and keep us strong and alive? But when do we die the same bacteria eat us from inside? Which is called the decomposition process. 

          But in ancient civilizations, the people of Egypt after the death of the Emperor or Queen used to put a chemical so that body could not be able to decay or destroyed. The name of the chemical is natron chemical, which is the mixture of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Then after a body was covered by a bandage. This whole process was called mummification. 

          Same the people of South Sulawesi use to apply this process. But here which chemical is used is called Formalin Chemical. Which stops the dead body to decompose. Now I want to tell you why the people here do not burn or bury their dead bodies. In this place, some questions were asked by the people during the interview about why do they not properly bury their dead bodies. 

          They told that they feel bad to lose loved ones immediately after death. To control this bad feeling and be able to spend some time, months, or years with them, they do not burn or bury their body. It was okay to keep the dead body inside their house with them but they also give them food, water, cigarettes, and coffee. Failing to do so gets hurts their spirit. 

          If we say so then who can do that to us? Surely we will feel fearful. The story does not end here. After burying their body for one or two years, again they take out their bodies twice a year. They spend some time with them as Christians meet with them through prayer in the tomb once a year. They also meet with them and clean up too. Due to this, the people there are also called this process Ma Nane. They enjoy and celebrate the festival with them.


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