DECEMBER 9, 2022
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CID Actor Hrishikesh Pandey was being robbed

CID Actor Hrishikesh Pandey was being robbed

The times of CID that had an intense craze at the time of 2016's but could you ever feel like CID actor getting robbed ?

Yes the CID actor Hrishikesh Pandey was being robbed at Colaba during a family trip on bus. It happened on 5th of June where the actor along with family went onto a trip to Tardeo,Colaba.While he boarded an AC bus with his family, he got robbed and he lost cash, his PANcard, Aadharcard, his car documents and credit cards.

Hrishikesh added, "My main concern is the identification documents that I lost because people misuse them. I have heard many incidents of how people use other individuals' identification documents on many sites to purchase things. I am also concerned about losing my credit cards. The bus was crowded and I had heard about such incidents, but I didn't think it would happen to me. In the crowd, I did not realise when the guy removed everything from my bag."

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